Hello! We are Tim and Sophie. It was Soph’s love of VW’s and my selling of VW’s which fueled love on a VW forecourt, 18 years ago.

18 years on, 12 cars enjoyed, two kids in tow, redundant, the summer of 2020 behind us and a realisation we DO actually enjoy each other’s company.

We scratched our heads, ventured out of Woodbridge for a family evening drive and a brew on the beach (a fave past-time) asking ourselves;

‘How can we make a living, have our daily coffee dates and car adventures?’

‘we know; let’s sell cars’

​And here we are: TIMOTHY PAUL CARS

I am often asked what kind of car would you recommend, after 25 years in the motor trade, here’s my response:

‘Buy a car which makes you smile.’






Cars to make you smile

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