Leadership coach, Jacqui Frost explains: “A leader is anyone who influences others.

You do not need to be the CEO of Tesco’s to work with me. I work with leaders in the broadest and most interesting sense of the word.

My clients lead themselves in the business they’re in whether that’s a one-man band, in a team leader position, or as the person responsible for the whole organisation – there is no rule!

My Strengthen Your Resilience online leadership development programme is a focused three-month programme, which enables you to grow your resilience and confidence. The impact is far reaching, not only your work life but it filters into home life.

A perfect programme anyone planning to take a leadership position, or who has just taken up a leadership role, or those keen to reinvigorate themselves.

Why not join 19 other leaders on this journey? We have two groups of ten participants with sessions on Wednesday evenings at 7pm, and Friday mornings at 10am.  We start the week beginning 10th January 2021

  • 6x 1-hour interactive online workshop sessions
  • 1x 1:1 coaching session with The Leaders’ Coach Jacqui Frost
  • Two group coaching clinics (maximum 5 participants in each)
  • Access to a world class online leadership development programme for 3 months

Exclusive 50% offer for theplace2be subscribers.

Quote theplace2be when booking, please come directly to me jf@jacquifrost.co.uk to book using this code. Follow this link for further information about the programme or email me to arrange a chat.


Lyn Peters – founder, theplace2be

“Undertaking Jacqui’s Strengthen Your Resilience leadership programme was quite a revelation. If you’re feeling that the dots aren’t all joining up – whether in your business or home life – I’d definitely recommend signing up.”

Start 2021 investing in your resilience

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