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This week Suffolk County Council shared its plans for working towards full capacity of its recycling centres.

With restrictions easing next Monday (19th July) here’s the new rules:

Phase one: From Monday 19 July:

  • The one visit per week rule will remain in place, but an extra 3,760 slots will become available per week.
  • Cars with small trailers will now be able to book a 15 min car slot (750kg max gross weight, single axle and unbraked) and will also be allowed at Haverhill Recycling Centre.
  • Cars with large trailers will now book a 30 min large trailer/van slot (over 750kg max gross weight, double axle or braked), apart from at Haverhill Recycling Centre due to its size.
  • Vans without trailers will be able to book at all Recycling Centres. Vans must book a 30 min van slot.
  • Vans with trailers are still prohibited from using any of the recycling centres
  • Social distancing will be removed from all sites. Cars can park next to each other (as directed by site staff) and restrictions on number of people on walkway/gantry removed.
  • Staff will be able to assist visitors if requested. (All staff will wear FFP3 standard face coverings when assisting and follow good practice on Covid hygiene).
  • More than one adult will now be allowed to unload per vehicle
  • Guidance will remain for the public to continue wearing face coverings if possible. Face coverings for staff remain optional except when assisting the public.

Phase two: From Monday 16 August: (In addition to changes in phase 1)

  • An additional 4,500 slots will be made available per week, takingSuffolk’s Recycling Centres to full capacity (weekly total to 27,422)
  • Removal of one visit per week rule for household waste
  • Trade waste will remain restricted to one visit per week (to ensure fair usage of the system which is mainly designed for residents’ household waste)

Recycling Centre bookings can be made online via or by calling 0345 606 6067


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