Across the Woodbridge area leaflets have been coming through letterboxes promoting awareness of Transition Woodbridge’s latest initiative – Local Food Project 2021.

The aim of the project is to promote food and drink produced within a distance of about 21 miles from Woodbridge and Melton.

Why 21 miles you may ask?

Transition Woodbridge says: “The information has been collected in 2021 and we’re in the 21st century – which seems to be a significant period in the history of our planet. We are all becoming more aware of climate change and the need to adapt our behaviour and lifestyles to reduce our carbon footprint in order to avoid catastrophic temperature increases and subsequent sea level rise.”

With details of all the fab food producers, retailers, eateries, and markets to support and enjoy, Transition Woodbridge adds: “We hope our leaflet will encourage readers to explore the great variety of high-quality foods available in this area. Be curious about the food in the shops and on the menu, ask where it’s from and encourage businesses to stock local food and drink products.  Enjoy what you find and let us know of any exciting food discoveries you make.”

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Transition Woodbridge has been working locally for several years to encourage a transition away from a fossil fuel-based economy and towards a more sustainable future.  It aims to increase awareness of climate change, reduce waste, promote recycling, and support the local economy and environment.

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