Here at theplace2be we’ve fallen in love with Daniel Ruffles’ stunning photography of our beautiful coast.

So, we sent him a Q&A and here he shares his love of being behind the lens:

  • How did you into photography?

I was handed a camera from a very young age and was obsessed with capturing the world around me. For me now, it’s about capturing the feel of a place and the emotion, especially on the coast where in some areas, you often see dramatic change due to coastal erosion. Having this moment captured and in the form of a print is truly priceless.

  • Is photography your main business or your pastime and passion, or both?

Photography is my passion. I occasionally shoot weddings and portraits on location, but mostly promote my coastal scenes as limited-edition prints.

  • What type of camera do you use?

I use a Fujifilm mirrorless camera with a 10-24mm lens to allow me to go in wide with many of my shots.

  • Any top tips for creating that mystical feel so many of your amazing images have?

Light and mood is a big factor. Keep your eye on the conditions and ideally pick a partially sunny morning where you will still have a sunrise but also some cloud to bring texture into your images. Using a 6 stop filter, this allows me to reduce the light hitting the sensor and therefore slow down the exposure time, resulting in the subtle movement of the waves.

  • What’s your favourite go-to shot around Woodbridge?

It would have to be a walk along the river. Be it on a beautifully sunlit morning or even a frosty start, the river walk always feels so tranquil.

Daniel adds:  “As a photographer, I love capturing the familiarity and sense of place. The mood and feel on the Suffolk coast is forever changing and while I predominantly shoot a lot of seascapes, there are also those little details that we pass each day that also lend themselves to be seen through a lens.

“Each part of Suffolk coast has its own unique feel and it’s hard not to fall in love with each and every one. There is nothing better than seeing those wide-open skies fill with colour first thing of a morning. Predominantly Suffolk based, my photography was shortlisted in the 2020 Landscape Photographer of The Year competition and has recently been featured on the cover of January’s Suffolk Magazine.  My work has also been featured in the George Farnham Gallery in Saxmundham.”

To see more of Daniel’s beautiful work and to enquire about prints, please visit


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